Product development

Our research department optimizes the design of your parts according to your specifications, based on an existing model. The process includes iterations with the simulation and calculation branches to achieve the targets set in terms of quality and mechanical strength.

Our development tools: Catia V5, Altair, HyperWorks.

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Casting simulation

All developments go through casting simulation to determine the feasibility of the parts designed and ensure the highest possible level of quality.

Advantages of casting simulation:

  • Reduces the development time for a part.
  • Prevents numerous tooling modifications by producing defect-free parts from the first casting.
  • Determines the process parameters without tests.

Our simulation tools: MAGMA soft.

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Tooling development

All our tooling is designed in-house for more flexibility and responsiveness. The tooling branch interacts with the product and simulation branches to obtain the best solution.

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Tests and inspections

During development, the final validation of a new part may involve the production of prototypes that will be subjected to tests in correlation with the computer models: static resistance, mechanical thermal fatigue, impact, corrosion, sealing, etc.

During series production, Saint Jean can perform pressure and sealing (air, water and helium) tests in the final inspection stage.

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