Our products for industry

Saint Jean Industries provides a wide range of products for the pump, energy, chemical, textile, food, agriculture and arms industries, among others.

Aluminum technical casings

Saint Jean Industries designs and manufactures sand core, gravity and low-pressure cast aluminum casings.

Type of products: aluminum technical casing weighing up to 50 kg.

Relevant sites: Saint Jean Industries Poitou, Saint Jean Industries Doo, AGR GmbH.


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Parts for ropeway drive systems

These systems use rollers and hubs on which the ropeways rest. The safety parts need to be highly resistant to mechanical strains.

Manufacturing processes: gravity die casting, low-pressure casting.

Types of products: hubs, rollers, flasks, etc.


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Components for hydraulic systems

The parts in hydraulic systems require high pressures and very low roughness to ensure a smooth flow. Saint Jean Industries Laval designs and manufactures cast iron or steel parts that meet these requirements.

Manufacturing processes: cast iron and steel shell mold casting (Croning).

Types of products: pump casing, hydraulic distributor, etc.


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Saint Jean Industries has dedicated prototyping workshops that can provide comprehensive solutions for the design, manufacture, thermal treatment and machining of all types of components.

Types of products: cast iron, steel or aluminum parts, from small to medium-sized production runs.

Manufacturing processes used:

  • Billet machining.
  • Aluminum casting by sand molding or 3D printing.
  • Cast iron and steel casting by sand molding or 3D printing.

The development of new materials may be considered on request.

Relevant sites: Saint Jean Industries Poitou, Saint Jean Industries Lorraine, Saint Jean Industries Laval.

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Tooling parts

Tooling is often necessary for machining, the assembly of sub-assemblies or for molds used in the injection sector.

Manufacturing processes: machining and assembly.

Types of products: Machining assembly, inspection assembly, mold for plastic injection, mold for composite forming, gage, maintenance parts, etc.

Relevant site: Saint Jean Industries Lorraine.

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